Tawny Lara, Sobrietea Party

What made you Sober Curious?
I decided to spend my 30th year sober to learn more about myself and my relationship with alcohol. I’ve been blogging about it since the beginning. I never had an official “rock bottom”, but looking back, my entire party girl lifestyle was a cry for help. Now I’m 31 and happily keeping the sober life going.

What do you wish the world knew about booze?
There needs to be a commonly known distinction between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. When I was growing up, I thought the only outcomes of having a drinking problem are either death/serious injury or becoming an alcoholic. Drinking problems are a lot more nuanced than that. Nobody talked about binge drinking, self-medication, or mental illness. I wish more academic programs discussed WHY people drink instead of telling kids to “just say no".

How does tea help you stay t-total?
When breaking a habit, it’s helpful to replace said habit with something else. That’s essentially what I did with tea. Around the time I decided to quit drinking, I discovered my love of herbal tea. 

Sober parties. Discuss…
Parties are successful when people are having fun. I used to think I had to chug whiskey to have a good time. Now my idea of fun is good conversation with good people. Sobriety has taught me how to redefine the party.

What are your Sober Curious words of advice?
Just try it. You don’t need to be coming to terms with a drinking problem to experience the benefits of sobriety. Go out with your friends and don’t drink for the night. Go a week, a month, or a year sober. Just see what you learn.

Who are your Sober Curious idols?
I love the honesty of Holly from @HipSobriety and the elegance of Mia from @thesoberglow. These women share their stories in such an authentic, relatable way. The digital recovery community is so beautiful and supportive.

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