Luke Simon, The Softer Image


What made you Sober Curious?
Living in Ashrams and not drinking for months, when I went back to drinking again it just made me feel sick. The tradeoff didn’t seem as exciting, especially when I was working to cultivate clarity and balance. 

How has this changed the way you interact with life?
I’ve learned to have FUN without needing any loosening up. When I quit substances, I had to face some challenges I had been avoiding. Doing some healing around this and getting comfortable in my own skin, I now don’t feel the urge to self-medicate. It feels good to be sober to me. I have come to prefer the subtle awareness of being “awake”. I will still have a celebratory glass of wine occasionally, but if I’m stressed and I crave escape through substance, I check in and use a more subtle healing modality.

Sober dancing. Discuss...
Start in your bedroom, and throw out the self-consciousness. Look cute. Love yourself and you will want to dance more, every day! And then come show off your moves at The Softer Image.

What are you Sober Curious words of advice?
Rather than shocking your system by suddenly removing things from your lifestyle, focus on also BRINGING IN the things that will support you. Create a high vibe home with crystals, superfoods, amazing teas, elixirs. Invite your friends over to do group tarot readings. Throw a raw-food picnic in the park. Go easy on yourself, experiment, find the perfect balance for YOU and just honor what makes you feel truly alive.

And your favorite ways to high on your own supply?
Breathwork. I realized I could get everything I was seeking from substances through this practice! Whether I’m alone and need to “take the edge off” from a long day, or I’m going out and I want to feel that boost and magic of feeling totally alive. I usually end up dancing in my apartment after I do Breathwork at home, ha! It makes me feel invigorated, as if I’ve let the heaviness go and what remains is the fun and joy I used to seek outside myself.

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